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Coaching & Equity Quick Start Tool

Coaching & Equity Quick Start

An easy tool for School Leaders new to Equity work.

from Onesweetspot

Toolkit - Plan and analyze interviews - TEMPLATE

Planning and Analysing Empathy Interviews

Use this companion tool to plan empathy interviews, beginning with a clear statement of the challenge you’re working on. The insights and supporting data are the foundation for the next steps in an equity design process.

from CityBridge


Indicators of Schoolwide SEL: Strengths and Needs Reflection

This tool offers space for reflection on the 10 indicators of schoolwide SEL. It can be a helpful step in establishing common ground among stakeholders about where the school should focus learning and implementation efforts for SEL.

from CASEL

Educator Candidate Profile

An ​ideal Educator Candidate Profile​ or guide for any hiring manager to identify their ideal teacher for the job.

from Onesweetspot for Belmont Charter Network