Leaders use ONESWEETSPOT to improve their organizations. We tailor solutions for the nuances of Organizational Development, Continuous Improvement, Performance Management, and Executive Leadership. We provide expertise & learning through Professional Development, Coaching leaders and their teams, and Embedded Education Consulting. We focus on EQ (Social Emotional Intelligence) as much as IQ and root all of our work in similar ideals.



Data Driven

Progress must be driven by data both from in and outside the classroom. Organizations can't adequately improve their impact without looking at the information they have. Leaders who are serious about cross-functional management must examine data to identify strengths and deficiencies and apply those findings to their leadership practices.


With the right mindset, anyone can be developed and grow. Students with a growth mindset understand they can get smarter through hard work, the use of effective strategies, and help from others when needed. Leaders with a growth mindset understand they can empower their schools to provide rich and sustaining learning opportunities for students and teachers. It is contrasted with a fixed mindset: the belief that intelligence is a fixed trait that is set in stone at birth.


Even the best of us need help. No matter how great the plan and/or the planner, in education we are trained to expect the unexpected. Whether it's helping you close the achievement gap, run your organizational unit in the interim, or walk alongside and coach you through the trenches -- if it's within our expertise we are willing to lend a helping hand.