Dickey Comeaux, Managing Partner

Freire said it best, “[Leaders who] insist on imposing their decisions, do not organize the people--they manipulate them.” Education should be a tool of freedom for all. I’m an Eclectic Education Leader, experienced school developer, and expert coach with a passion for working with young people.

Dickey is a highly empathetic leader who's serious about people development. With over a decade of hands-on experience as a Teacher, Leader, School Developer, and Executive Coach he has been seasoned to the occasion. After supporting organizations in Louisiana and Georgia, he moved to the District of Columbia to continue providing people with the much-needed supports to find success. An undeniable game-changer and self-proclaimed fun specialist, Dickey has worked with thousands of stakeholders at multiple levels all to prepare him fully to support organizations at any level.


Trent Grandison, Operations Lead

Trent is an operations professional with over a decade of managing, developing, and implementing a multitude of projects. He brings a mission-first/people always approach to all his work. After overseeing proactive and reactive programs to protect high-value assets and personnel worldwide, he returns to the Nation's Capital to support organizations achieve their intended impact. With his broad scope of experience, he is ready to embed his operational wisdom as your success partner.